4 Sites to Find the Best Fashion and Jewelry Discounts

4 Sites to Find the Best Fashion and Jewelry Discounts

One of the easiest and most affordable ways of acquiring jewelry and other fashion ornaments is by purchasing them online. It is not only safe but gives you the opportunity to choose from a wider variety of products. With many sites offering door deliveries within a short period of time, online shopping has become the most convenient way of shopping. Thousands of sites have come up offering these services each unique on its own. Here is a list the top four sites where you can do your shopping for fashion and jewelry at the most affordable prices.

1. Satya Jewelry

This online site with stores based in the New York is one of the best sites for all your jewelry and fashion accessory needs. According to numerous customer reviews on their site, Satya jewelry offers a wide range of products both high-end and affordable. By combining semi-precious stones and gems, Satya makes jewelry and other ornaments quite appealing to the eye. With a humongous and unique variety of ornaments and fashion accessories to choose from, the company guarantees customer satisfaction and timely deliveries. The prices of the most preferred accessories and jewelry ranges between $50 and $100. The company also offers some of the best discounts on daily basis ranging from 50% off on some days. A piece that would usually cost $100 on a normal day can go down to below $50 if the product is placed on the sale section. Many customers have praised the site for excellent customer service and timely delivery. As part of corporate social responsibility, the company has also started the Satya Foundation, which raises money for children’s groups throughout the world.  Have a look at their products.

2. Dasha Boutique

Based in San Francisco, Dasha Boutique is another site worth checking out. Customer reviews give the site a thumbs up for some of the most attractive yet affordable jewelry and fashion accessories that the market has to offer. The site has also appeared in major fashion shows as well as dressed a number of celebrities. Despite this, their products remain quite affordable. The site frequently offers up to 30% off on the sales section and even better offers for huge orders. It also gives the customer the chance to customize the jewelry they want, which comes in a well-designed packages. The customer service is professional and shipping’s are done within 5 working days.

3. Girl Props

This is by far the most affordable site for jewelry and accessories of girls of all ages. Girl props has been defined as the EBay of jewelry and ornaments as it offers the most competitive prices online. There is a wide range of products to choose from some retailing at $2.99 and lower. Sets of jewelry fetch even cheaper prices with 18 pairs of stud earrings retailing at just $9.99. Despite being this affordable, the products are good quality and appealing. The company offers free shipping within the US and larger orders fetch better prices.

4. Baublebar

Baublebar prides itself as one of the best online site offering some of the most appealing jewelry and ornaments. It offers a wide variety of high-quality accessories for ladies of all ages. Their products are quite affordable with most of preferred ones retailing at the $20-$40 price range. The site is constantly updated to match the needs of the customer. It also has a Guest Bartender section where fashion gurus post their most preferred picks on a daily basis. Shipping is free within the US and delivery is made fast and safely.

Why Less is More when it Comes to Jewelry

Why Less is More when it Comes to Jewelry

Jewelry has many advantages when putting together an outfit: it can upgrade an outfit and lend an altogether classier vibe, it can unify a look (for example wearing an amethyst and silver necklace to pull a purple skirt and gray shirt together), it can ‘finish’ an outfit.

Accessorize Your Clothes

Just think of a low neckline without a necklace, or alternatively a high necked top- both just look better with a medium chain pendant perfectly poised to break up the space. Earrings are essential to complement an elegant updo and a simple ring can be just the thing to show personality in a professional environment.

Oversize Jewelry

If, however, jewelry is too gaudy, oversized or showy, it can end up having the opposite effect. After all, the main attraction, the star of the show, the purpose of any perfectly crafted ensemble is to show off the real product: you. Big hoops earrings can distract and give off the wrong vibe, large wooden beads can detract from a beautiful dress. Used sparingly, sizeable statement pieces can work to enhance your look, but if you try to wear several together, there is a very real risk that instead of you wearing it, the jewelry will end up wearing you.

The most radiant jewel with any ensemble should be your eyes and lips and cheeks. if they are subtly enhanced, a subtle glint of silver of gold or sparkling stones will reflect and enhance your beauty. The key word is balance. There is also the question of style, fashion and taste. While the ‘boho’ look may be appealing, consider an upmarket version of fine metal chains and small stones. ‘Layering’ jewelry can be done to beautiful effect if the size, color and texture are carefully curated. Piling on the bracelets, rings and bangles can lend an air of opulence if done right; but there is a very fine line between opulent and cluttered. To stay on the right side of this line, do not mix metals, stick to gold, or silver or otherwise ensure that the colors are complementary not clashing. It is fine to have different colored stones and embellishments, so long as they do not clash with your outfit.

Less is More

Overall, however, it is far preferable and less risky to select a few choice pieces that suit you and what you are wearing. having an organized and spacious display in your dressing room will help you to select the right pieces every time. Just as with fragrance, a little jewelry can be divine, but too much can be just awful. Something to consider when you are choosing your jewelry for the day!